Motorcycles & Barn Quilts

Cruise the Coast invited Ontario Barn Quilt Trails to participate at the big motorcycle show in January. The waterproof map showing barn quilt trails in Ontario’s Southwest is a big hit with motorcyclists looking for the best rides.  Tourism marketing groups were well represented at the show, so Mary and Denise made the rounds, encouraging them to support and promote trails in…

It is an interesting multi-media project combining very old and new

The St. George Bi Centennial committee has combined the barn quilt trail and a music cd to promote the Villages Bi-Centennial celebrations. A series of 12 barn quilts have gone up on structures in the area, and they feature items of local significance including hockey, war veterans, railroad, agriculture and firefighters to name a few. To go along with the quilts, students at St….

St George Barn Quilt Cheque presentation from Walton

Walton Development and Management Group recently met with members of the South Dumfries Historical Society, Bi-Centennial Committee and St George Barn Quilt Trail for a photo opportunity.   Walton Development and Management Group contributed $5,000 towards the St George Barn Quilt Trail project.  The project is a lasting legacy of the St George Bi-Centennial that has been celebrated during 2014.  The Barn Quilt Trail project involved…

AppleFest 2014

One of our biggest events is the Apple Harvest on the 3rd weekend in September. You can see Barn Quilts everywhere when you are walking around.  

4-H display at Paris Fair 2014

Presentation to St George German Public School

Here is the presentation to the school for the 4 designs they helped with.  

Expositor: Barn quilt project adds to St. George bicentennial

  Here is another great article about the barn quilts. ST. GEORGE – If you drive or walk around the St. George area these days, chances are you’ll notice a quilt mounted on the wall of a prominent building. Go a little farther and see another, then another — and another. The first one, called Agriculture, went up at a corn roast…

The Bi-Centennial Corn Roast

Today was the Bi-Centennial Corn Roast where the community was invited to join together to celebrate 200 years. Here is a article from Brant News.  

Colourful blocks showcase St. George’s history

  Colourfully painted blocks each telling a different part of St. George’s history will serve as a lasting legacy of the community’s bicentennial. Twelve eight-foot square blocks featuring originally designed art will make up the St. George Barn Quilt Trail, which organizers of the project say will not only enhance the rural landscape but hopefully also bring tourism to both the village…

Welcome to St. George Barn Quilt Trail

Here you will find information about our barn quilt trail.