St George Barn Quilt Cheque presentation from Walton

Walton Development and Management Group recently met with members of the South Dumfries Historical Society, Bi-Centennial Committee and St George Barn Quilt Trail for a photo opportunity.


Walton Development and Management Group contributed $5,000 towards the St George Barn Quilt Trail project.  The project is a lasting legacy of the St George Bi-Centennial that has been celebrated during 2014.  The Barn Quilt Trail project involved 100 plus members from the community.  These individuals assisted in numerous ways: suppliers, donors, installers, Brant County 4-H Members, St George German Public school students and community volunteers.


For example: the painting process took eight weeks.  This involved numerous coats of primer and paint to achieve a spectacular looking finished product!  The primer was applied onto the MDB board using a paint roller.  The cross-hatch brush stroke, was used when applying the exterior paint; in some cases there were as many as 4 coats of paint applied to achieve the colour density that was required.  AND this entire process involved the hands and hours of many!!!  The total number of volunteers was 40 and the total number of volunteer hours for the painting process alone was approximately 350 hours!!!


Website for the Barn Quilt Trail:


THANK YOU Walton for making a difference in our Community!!


In the photo from left to right:

Rob Melick, Krista Znebel, Joel Doherty representing Walton; John Wehrstein St George Bi-Centennial Committee, Joan Crawford-Wehrstein St George Barn Quilt Trail, Deborah Andre South Dumfries Historical Society.



Photo credit to Karen Condon.

Article submitted by Joan Crawford-Wehrstein